Proposed elevated walkway for Mt Archer in Rockhampton.


Rockhampton Regional Council


Mount Archer, QLD

This project is in collaboration with local council and is part of bigger masterplanning project to revitalise Fraser Park (Mt Archer) and enhance tourism. The boardwalk is a new walkway and scenic lookout which, at its highest, is 7-8m above ground. It offers view of Rockhampton, Fitzroy river, surrounding Berserker ranges and mountains out to Mount Morgan.

The boardwalk and lookout sit on a sloped site in the nature reserve. The site had a lot of constraints which influenced the construction and design of the walkway. We designed a modular system for the walkway allowing construction to happen off-site in order to have minimal impact on the landscape and have no scaffolding as part of the construction.The modules are based on steel framing, angled steel posts to blend in with the trees, and timber decking which provides a natural feel joining with the environment. 


The balustrading is also separate modular sections folding outwards to make the walkway feel wider. They have a rhythm along the boardwalk, with horizontal sections to provide visibility and stability on different angles. The shadows cast different patterns creating changing atmosheres depending on time of day and location on the path. These can be easily replaced by removing one or two bolts and it folds inwards onto the walkway which means no scaffolding is required. 


The highest point of the walkway, two lookouts placed around a tree, almost close enough to touch the tree, and to feel that they are in the tree with an unimpeded view. 


When the masterplan is completed, the walkway will form part of an all-accessible path all the way from the carpark, around the walkway backto the carpark. People with wheelchairs will be able to get right around the lookout. 

Photos by: Alex Stein, D+A


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