Historically relevant streetscape in Mount Morgan featuring a historic memorial.


Rockhampton Regional Council


Mount Morgan, QLD

We were commissioned by local council to reconfigure and upgrade the streetscape on Morgan Street in Mount Morgan. Site was the park island strip in middle of street (10m wide). One side faces historic buildings and the other side is a school. The park strip already had an amenities block in the middle, and a statue of a miner to one side as well as a few other elements. 


D+A designed a steel tree of knowledge to be done as a monumental tourist point that is very visible from highway. Aim is for bougainvillea to grow through it over time and act as a point of shade for people to sit and relax.

Further along the strip was the historic ‘Running the Cutter’ memorial. We designed a new structure for the tower.

We renovated the current amentities block with new paint, vision, signage and reconfigured the inside with more durable products, The old historic character of the facility was kept and modernised with white and gold colours. We also used large, iconic and interesting 1920 male and female silhouettes to identify amenities.

Further along the park section, we designed simplistic shelters based on a standard gable style but with an inexpensive twist by adding gables at the end with the potential to add a historic list of people, but new shelter is to reflect the look of buildings in commercial street. 


We also redesigned common handrails to tie back into the bowel and tree of knowledge to unify and gel the whole park as one.

Photos by: Real Property Photography


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