Streetside dining space for Giddy Goat, a Rockhampton cafe & bar providing modern food and wine.


Giddy Goat Cafe & Bar


Rockhampton, QLD

On the corner of East and William Street, there is a restaurant that had temporary outdoor and dated seating, which was constantly exposed to the vast weather conditions. Design and Architecture was engaged to assist the client to create a more weather proofed, fixed and catchy outdoor seating that will be recognisable for bypasses. The choice was made to use timbre, which became the material for the whole structure (from a façade perspective); this included the outsides, the walls and ceiling. The outdoor seating is right up against the main road of East Street so the structure was designed to go right up the road which would create a safety area for the patrons by incorporating garden beds all the way down the road. 


The structure itself sits completely independent from the existing historic and dated building and also has a clearer designed footing system, which sits above the existing council footpath – the footing is hidden behind the garden beds. The whole outdoors setting structure is designed to be durable enough to withstand any activities, including after-hour activities. The new outdoor setting is apart of the iconic visually amenity of East Street. 

Photos by: Luke Gerald Photography, Levi Appleton Photography


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