The new Calliope cemetery honours those who have passed with its beautiful new park-inspired design, which gives visitors the opportunity to pay their respects in peace.


Gladstone Regional Council


Calliope, QLD

The existing cemetery in Calliope is a historic cemetery that has reached its capacity. The council engaged with a group of consultants, including a landscape architect, civil engineer, and Design and Architecture, to design a master plan for a new cemetery across the road from the existing cemetery. Design and Architecture assisted with master planning and also designed all of the signage and some of the structures within the cemetery, including a new chapel in the Tea House that unfortunately was never built, and will perhaps be built in the future. The new cemetery was designed to be more pleasing, more park-like and more welcoming – so it would feel more like a park then a cemetery. 

The chapel and Tea House were designed to be a more multi-functional building that could potentially also be used for other user-groups and funeral services. In the middle of the cemetery there is an open-grassed covering area, which within that, instead of a traditional columbarium wall, a sundial feature was designed with sandstone pillars – this acts as an interactive device for visitors to learn about the sun, shadows and time. At the entrance to the new cemetery, the visitor is greeted by a very simplistic but vibrant welcoming sign, which is made up of sandstone pillars and the original cemetery signage. 

Photos by: Luke Gerald Photography


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