The iconic Birdcage Bar at CQU has been re-vamped and is ready for the next generation. With a new, modern, and industrial style, the Birdcage is a great place to hang after a lecture and have a few drinks.




Rockhampton Campus, QLD

Many years ago the North Rockhampton campus for CQ University had a very iconic, well-known and well-used bar/club, which was called the Bird Cage. It closed more than 10 years ago, and recently Design and Architecture was asked to assist in opening up a new, much smaller, more used facility with still some relevance to the old birdcage. As a collaboration effort, the new birdcage was designed on a much smaller footprint in the same building, with multi-usable spaces that can be used for all day activities including social gatherings, functions, facilities, and nightlife casual use. 

Because of the spaces’ odd location in the building, it was designed to reflect a city lane – linking the formal disabled entry on the south, to the balcony-open entry in the north. Multiple uses include, seating areas, outdoor balcony areas, video gaming areas, informal seating areas, pool table and relaxed spaced. The actual look and design was made up to be more eclectic with a bit of a modern and industrial feel by using some raw materials like, plywood, concrete combined with a few more brighter colours. The original amenities were also refurbished to provide for the growing population of the University. 

Design and Architecture also assisted in creating an identity for the Birdcage with very distinguished signage and identity panels (made up from a composite timbre panel – first to be used in Rockhampton, and the iconic Birdcage logo) that are visible from all three entrances into the facility.

Photos by: Levi Appleton Photography


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