Historically relevant entrance plaza for Alf Larson Park, a playspace in rural town Miriam Vale.


Gladstone Regional Council


Miriam Vale, QLD

In collaboration with local civil engineers and landscape architects, Design and Architecture was commissioned to re-master plan, redevelop and refurbish the existing park in Miriam Vale. Miriam Vale is a very small town, but however placed on a strategic park of the Bruce Highway the runs all the way down south from Brisbane, to up north in Cairns. The existing park is a well-known park and well used by travellers on their ways either north or south of Queensland. The consultant team had a huge responsibility with the refurbishment to make sure the new park still suits the regional regular users. The park consists of different sections; centrally to the park in the middle is a new amenity blocks design. The amenity blocks also acts as an outdoors gallery with historic photos of Miriam Vale’s past. 

On one side of the park is state of the art playground equipment to keep kids of all ages entertained, and on the other side of the park is an open-lawn area with picnic tables underneath sheltered areas for the travellers to stop and have a nice place to eat their meals. Towards the east of the park is an existing ANZAC statue and a historic and heritage listed Fig Tree. This area was treated more formally and respectfully as a reflection area for veterans and alike to visit the ANZAC statue and pay their respects. Towards the west of the park, the current community facilities were relocated, including the local lions group, heritage group and the men shed group. Their new facilities were placed to be part of the park but also separated for their own uses and right at the very end of the western side of the park an RV car park was placed for the retiree tourists. 

Photos by: Luke Gerald Photography


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