We take ideas and imaginations and turn them into reality,

Our projects are developed with innovation, practicality, and to create an experience to the end user. 

We are a boutique architecture and interior design studio with a modern, alternative and dynamic director, Colin Strydom.

After completing his studies in architecture and interior design, Colin worked for traditional architectural firms in both South Africa and in Rockhampton, but he saw a need to do things differently and more flexibly – and so Design+Architecture was founded in Rockhampton in 2013. Design+Architecture has since grown to a successful consultancy with a CBD base and a client list to rival larger firms. 

Colin plays an active part in the Central Queensland community, striving to enhance and better the local footprint and built environment through sustainable alternatives, modular and multi-use design, and design for disability.



Design+Architecture provides boutique modern and alternative architectural design services to clients throughout Queensland. Based in the CBD of Rockhampton, we don’t believe in ‘standard designs’, instead providing original, signature design and documentation to every project we work on.


The Design+Architecture approach takes a holistic view of a project, providing a balance between practical use and innovative design. This is reflected in every aspect of Design+Architecture – from the project delivery through to the D+A logo.


Rural Queensland still have plenty of work to be done in the architectural space, so there’s endless potential and opportunities for local talent who have determination to work and make a difference. This is why Design+Architecture was founded in Capricornia and will continue to grow in the region.


Design+Architecture places a huge emphasis on relationships and truly pioneering with design and originality, which sets us apart from most larger firms. We believe in investing in relationships not just with potential clients, but potential collaborators. Our extended network is what ultimately brings in new and exciting projects. Every project we create is exactly and specifically designed for the end user or client to experience.


Design+Architecture’s work is inspired by archetypes, symbolism, sacred geometry, form, function, and the golden triangle.

Our logo’s recognisable pixels reflect the way we work, in connectivity with different colours, ideas, people and spaces. From the smallest insect to a building or city block, every space we create should be individually functional, but also work in balance with the bigger picture.


The Design+Architecture team can take a project from concept to completion, including:

+ Briefing

+ Concepts

+ Master planning and urban planning

+ 3d renders and animated fly throughs

+ Design development

+ Building approval drawings and construction drawings

+ Liaison with clients, consultants, suppliers, contractors & community

+ Facilitating tenders for construction

+ Colour & interior consultancy

+ Landscape designs

+ Research

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